Boost your direct deposit strategy with earned wage access

A 12-page guide to leveraging earned wage access (EWA) to incentivize direct deposit switching.

This guide will help you learn:

  • What EWA is and how it works
  • Why EWA really matters to consumers
  • How to use EWA to increase direct deposits
  • Best practices for EWA implementation, including risk reduction and data accuracy
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Learn how to grow share of deposit through incentivized earned wage access

With so much competition in consumer finance, acquiring the customer’s deposit can be a challenge. Earned wage access (EWA) provides a powerful incentive for customers to switch their direct deposit so you can become the primary financial institution.

Download Pinwheel's exclusive guide to level-up your direct deposit strategy.


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Pinwheel takes the complexity of income data and uncovers what you care most about – insights.

Let us help you become the primary account by growing direct deposits and reducing risk in your earned wage access strategy.